Ph.D. Candidate in Media Studies, Western University, London, ON.

Dissertation: “Systems of Remembering: The Jamaican Diaspora and Toronto’s Hip-Hop Scene, 1979-89.” Advisor: Dr. Keir Keightley.


2019. “Translocality and the Articulation of a Jamaican/Canadian Identity in the Music of Michie Mee.” In The Spaces and Places of Canadian Popular Culture. Edited by Victoria Kannen and Neil Shyminsky. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press.

2019. (Co-authored with Jesse Stewart) “The Diasporic Routes and Roots of Early Canadian Hip-Hop.” Contemporary Musical Expressions in Canada. Edited by A. Hoefnagels, S. Johnson, and J. Klassen. Kingston, ON: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

2014. “‘We Wanted Our Coffee Black’: Public Enemy, Improvisation, and Noise.” Critical Studies in Improvisation. Vol 10, No 1.

Currently teaching:

MIT 3217 Public Opinion – Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University. MUSC 1500 Applied Music V (Turntable) – Guelph University’s School of Fine Art and Music. MUSC 2510 Applied Music IV (Turntable) – Guelph University’s School of Fine Art and Music.

Teaching interests and expertise:

Media and culture, digital technologies, communication history, media theory, diasporic studies, political economy of communication, popular music studies, hip-hop studies, turntablism and DJ arts, sound system culture, Canadian media theorists, curriculum design.

Full downloadable CV coming.

Contact: nscobie(at)uwo(dot)ca