In Effect

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In June 1989, I created “In Effect,” one of Canada’s first hip-hop radio shows. It originally aired on Thursdays, but three months later it moved to Saturdays between 3-5 pm, so I wouldn’t have to give it up on account of high school. After two years, I left to concentrate on music production, but thanks to other dedicated hosts (Chaz EB, BZ Jam, and CIA), “In Effect” carried on.

With Chuck D (1990)

With Chuck D (1990)

In 1994, Jay Swing, Checkmate, and DJ Flipout took over, re-branded it as “The Show,” and carried it to even greater heights. I returned to co-host in 1999 until 2002. When it ended “In Effect/”The Show” had been the longest running hip-hop radio program in Canada. For 15 years, we provided Metro Vancouver with pure, uncut hip-hop. I’m fortunate to have participated in Vancouver’s early hip-hop scene. 

With Maestro Fresh Wes, a Canadian legend (1989)

With the legendary Maestro Fresh Wes, a Canadian pioneer (1989)

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